Myrna Palley Fund

Benefitting The Education Fund's Art Programs


Myrna Palley Fund benefiting The Education Fund’s Art Programs

The Education Fund is proud to announce the establishment of an fund in memory of longtime board member Myrna Palley. Myrna and her husband of 63 years, Sheldon Palley, have been true champions for visual arts education. Last June 2019, The Education Fund was proud to present our first Patron of the Arts Award to Myrna and Sheldon Palley.

When we look at The Education Fund’s vibrant arts programming, every aspect is influenced and generously supported by Myrna and Sheldon Palley. Myrna frequently judged our annual Art of Found Objects Exhibition, ensuring students were recognized for their artistic talents. She and Sheldon always sponsored, attended, and bid generously at our For the Love of Art Charity Auction. Myrna helped develop this annual event to support arts education in our public schools and served as its long-time co-chair. The Palley's home showcases children’s artwork next to pieces from well-known artists from across the world, communicating the value of children’s visual arts education.

More recently, Myrna and Sheldon’s significant philanthropic investments have been the fuel behind our creation of an “arts in education training space” and master-level workshops with recognized artists like Pablo Cano, famous for his found object marionettes. With the Myrna and Sheldon Palley Workshop Pavilion at The Education Fund Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials, students are now learning new genres, including “the art of found objects,” from their teachers. As a result, students engage in complex artistic projects that build critical thinking skills, varied dexterity, an artist's eye, and often teamwork, as art pieces become larger group installations.

We are forever thankful to Myrna and Sheldon for their belief in our work, for their long-term funding, and especially for selflessly supporting thousands of local public school students on their road to becoming artists. The Palley’s passion for the arts is transforming our community. The Education Fund board and staff are privileged to remember and honor Myrna Palley with the Myrna Palley Fund, which will support our public school art teachers and their students for many years to come.